About the Boulder.Earth Portal

Boulder.Earth is an innovative site that fosters collaboration and connectivity for an increased impact on climate change here in Boulder, CO.

Here in Boulder, we are home to more than 100 different environmental organizations and countless programs, and over 3,000 climate and atmospheric scientists—more people working on climate per capita than anywhere else on earth! With all of this abundance, there’s no reason we shouldn’t be at the forefront of the climate movement, achieving our city’s climate goals. And yet, sometimes we lack awareness of one another, recreating the wheel and spending precious resources in the meantime.

We’ve created Boulder.Earth as a dynamic, grassroots site highlighting Boulder’s robust eco-social-justice community. This website is truly by and for the community—a chance to see our diverse, collective work highlighted in one place, held under one roof. Artists, activists, scientists, entrepreneurs, faith groups, on and on… Plus! Our servers are 100% offset with windpower.

See organizations all in one place and get involved. Take meaningful action. Find exciting events happening across Boulder. Together we will create a more just, regenerative and resilient future.