Eco-Wakening’s mission is to use art as activism.

The Eco-Wakening show is an ecology-inspired theatrical performance created to bring awareness to the way our lifestyle choices affect the environment. Witness one woman engage with her all too comfortable life — from the laziness of creating excess waste and engaging in over-consumption to the unconscious burning of fossil fuels, as the plot unfolds into an awakening of a new way of living in harmony with the majesty of the natural world around us. Blending movement with activism, the production creates important and inspiring performance art for audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Accompanying each show, the Eco-Wakening cast and crew collaborate with other local organizations working towards climate justice to host outreach, action and education projects. Such projects include sustainability education fairs, Permaculture Action days, creek clean-ups, and more! The team also launched an “Eco Lifestyle Challenge” with the Fall 2017 tour to engage the cast, crew, audience and public in making behavior change commitments to improve our lifestyles habits around food, energy, water and waste.