At Kilt Farm, we are passionate about building vibrant soil, food and community. Soil is one of the most vibrant ecosystems that goes unnoticed almost everyday. We are a certified organic farm and go well beyond those requirements. We pride ourselves in being good custodians of the land by building healthy soil biology. This in turn produces more flavorful, nutrient-dense produce which better nourishes our customers, friends and family.

Kilt Farm uses compost tea to build the soil biology. Compost tea is a living soil supplement that is much like a probiotic supplement that we might take to boost our digestive health. The compost tea builds a stronger soil biology every time we use it to feed the soil.

Our produce can be found at Lucky’s Markets and restaurants in Boulder County. We also have our own Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program and support a multi-farmer CSA, Go Farm, based out of Golden. If you are drawn to what we are doing, connect with us! Volunteer out at the farm, join our CSA or find our produce around town. A farm is a community endeavor, after all.