The Y on Earth Foundation inspires and educates in a grounded framework of health, well-being and sustainability. With comprehensive content and custom-curated experiences, the Y on Earth Foundation provides “life-hacking” and “culture-cracking” expertise in a manner accessible to diverse communities and demographics. Easy do-it-yourself activities for the kitchen and the garden are complemented by calls-to-action that help people unplug from technology and connect with the splendor of the natural, living world. Focusing on food, soil, stewardship and our relationship with nature, the Y on Earth Foundation, presents information, knowledge and wisdom from myriad scientists, thought leaders, writers and sages in a dynamic and relatable, embodied cognition framework set in the context of enhanced health at the grass-roots level that is aligned with strategies for conservation and global sustainability.” [I am also attaching our executive summary, which contains more information if you’re interested, as well as overviews of our AMBASSADOR program, our THRIVING & SUSTAINABILITY framework, and ways people can ENGAGE.