The Just Transition Collaborative (JTC) engages in community partnerships, projects, and research to advance environmental justice in the transition to a sustainable economy. We support more just energy, climate, environmental and labor practices and policies that foster the inclusion of underrepresented peoples and values.

We strive to:

  • Support implementation, communication, and critical assessment of model just transition projects.
  • Create transformative and engaged student opportunities and mentorship to advance environmental justice.
  • Produce community-relevant and evidence-based research for present and future planning in light of significant social, economic, and ecological challenges.
  • Strengthen representation of marginalized communities and advance social justice in climate policies.
  • Amplify the struggles, concerns, and solutions frontline communities face to bring about a more nuanced, smarter, and humane future.
  • Challenge racism, classism, sexism, ableism, and other oppressive systems and build equitable internal processes
  • Foster move away from fossil fuel to reinvest in a renewable and regenerative energy economy
  • Educate about the intersection between environmental policy and social justice, power and privilege.