Nature has a marketing problem. Polar bears, ice caps, mass extinctions, and hurricanes are not waking people up enough to the problem Rampant apathy, busyness, and consumerism plague our modern lives and distract us from who we really are – human beings – products of this Earth. NatureRx challenges and reinvigorates the whole conversation about preserving our planet – inspiring people to look with totally fresh eyes at how we value our world, other beings, and importantly ourselves. Delivered in a timely post-modern capsule – a prescription drug commercial with just the right mix of compassion, humor, and honesty – “Prescription Strength” reminds us what really sustains us and what really matters when we get back to Nature.

With Prescription Strength environmentalism gets a fresh reboot, reminding us humans that when we spend time in Nature, statistics show – we are more active, healthier, happier, and importantly far more likely to make better environmental decisions.